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HEEMM -I don’t give a shit [change]

1st single – I don’t give a shit [change] Album – Weird nam Compose by Joefs Lyrics – by Joefs Photo background by Joefs Lyrics I don’t give a shit (x19) a shit …

Marife Pranks Her Best Friend From Church Then Gives Her A Visayan Bible An Expat Philippines Foreig

Marife is turning into quite the joker and set up her friend like a pro asking me as I walked by, hey dad for you still have any of those mixed nuts. I smiled and […]

Vertical Clearance Fail

Occurred on January 22, 2017 / Chonburi, Thailand A truck slams into 2.5 meters bridge as it high 3 meters. TO SEE THE HOTTEST VIRAL VIDEOS DAILY.