Redneck Tailgating Truck Road Rage in Tampa + Karma!

Man kicks dog see how karma takes over

Monster Caught on Camera!

The strangest aspect of this video is not that there is a guy dressed as a cylinder with eyes, but that nobody seems to care or be caught off guard.

[LiveLeak] Idiot tries to rob gun store – receives instant justice

Link: Two armed men chose the wrong place to attempt a robbery Monday morning, when an employee at the …

Satans Son Gets Knocked Out at The Gas Station | FunZone 2K17 Videos

Satan’s Son Gets Knocked Out at The Gas Station. 62 Year Old Man Dives Off Stage and Nobody Catches Him …

All for an iphone?

I originally felt that this video seemed too staged to be real. The guy just happens to have a video camera on his head, leaves his door open long enough for his phone to be stolen, […]