PENTA kRYSTAL fails Defuse @ ESL Finals 2015

Disappearing Ink Prank GONE WRONG

Funny VR Fail Compilation!

Weird Shit VX Montage

Funny Baby Fails!

SVP Tutorial #1 // “Bass” / “AE Inspired” Shakes

This is my first tutorial sorry its like really shit but I will make better ones I promise :). DISCLAIMER: You obviously don’t have to do exactly like I have (especially …

Clash Royale Funny Moments, Montage, Clutches, Fails and Wins Compilations #7

Clash Royale Funny Moments – Glitches, Trolls, Clutches and Fails in THIS Clash Royale montage. I put a lot of work in this funny moments video so a like would …