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Lets change the world and #payitforward



Everyday I turn on the TV or scroll through social media, and I consistently see the worst of humanity. I see bombings, murders, greed and just about every sin imaginable turned into an eye catching headline, using the tragedy that is our society as just another way to profit. I want to see that change, I want to see humanity do better than just sensationalizing someone else’s grief and loss. I want to share what’s GOOD. When something gets publicity, it gets repeated and as more heartache and pain gets publicity more of it spreads. Evil is a sickness that spreads like a virus, infecting the lives of everyone who experiences it. If evil can do it, so can good.

I want to start regularly sharing here on CDC the small often overlooked good things people do in this world. Whether it’s buying a meal for a dad, a community getting together to help a stranger in need, people tying warm clothes to trees for people who need them in the winter, or even this small story about a woman who bought kids books at a book fair. Its time that these are the acts getting the limelight, these are the acts getting recognition and getting spread. These are the actions we want to inspire others, instead of inspiring hate and suffering.

So to start off our regular Pay it Forward posts, I’ll share this fundraiser for TommyNC2010

Tommy is a very kind person and has always been, if anyone deserves help following his dreams it’s him. When I saw that someone had started this fundraiser for him I knew I’d have to share.

If you know of a random act of kindness someone has done or you have received, any examples of people paying it forward and showing what good we humans are capable of please send them to us and we’ll include them in our next Pay it Forward post.

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