Interesting news for Pro-Legalization of Marijuana

Are you one of the majority of our population that thinks marijuana should be legalized? Well here’s some interesting news you might be happy to hear!

According to this report from the DEA, the DEA is┬áconsidering reclassifying marijuana, which would be an awesome step towards eventual legalization. Another beneficial thing according to the report is they’re going to allow more producers of marijuana for research purposes. See, according to the drug laws medical research can’t be done on marijuana that isn’t currently being produced by the University of Mississippi. By making research marijuana more available, it opens the door to more study to show conclusively (to the only people who don’t already know, aka bureaucrats) that marijuana does more good than harm.


Now, this doesn’t mean it’s time to relax. There’s still a long way to go before marijuana becomes completely legalized and one important reason for that is something that many may not even know. Do you know why we have our laws, the Controlled Substances Act signed in by Nixon, that prohibit drugs including pot? The answer may surprise you- compliance. This was based on a UN Treaty, the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, in which all members had to enact laws controlling drugs. According to this treaty, marijuana is a Schedule 2 substance. As long as marijuana is listed on that international treaty as a controlled substance, we can’t have national legalization. We can have eased restrictions, decriminalization, etc. but we can’t have true legalization until it is removed from the list. Interestingly, alcohol which is known to be addictive and can kill and cause horrible health problems is not on that list.

So keep pushing for legalization but don’t stop at just our government, because it’s the whole world government that has it criminalized and we need to push until it is recognized as just as much a “drug” as alcohol, but without the drunk driving, liver disease possibility of overdose, etc. Maybe someone should start a petition to the UN to declassify it as a controlled substance……

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