CLOSED~72 Hour//Twelve Shitpost MAP//Trndsttr

Twelve is done, and now come the bloopers! And its time to make some of those Bloopers into a shitpost map!

Each part is roughly about 5 seconds long, so if you do plan on signing up please make sure you have it all done in the 72 hours! The whole part doesn’t need to be animated! Make it as shit posty as you possily can! Also, if you do decide to join. Make sure you use blooper images and scenes that actually happened! I don’t want some weird ships or anything. ^~^

Because of the amount of parts in this map, I am limiting EVERYONE to 1 part each.

Please send it to me via gmail without audio please!! Watermarks are ok for this. And when you post it to your youtube you can do it with the audio in, but sent to me I need it without audio.
my gmail:

Intro-Credits (Has no music) (mine)
Part 1):ToxisSparrow
Part 2):RavenwingVA
Part 3):MENNAH2000
Part 4):IcyVictory
Part 5): PetPyves
Part 6):Kimba

Backups (3 maximum)
~Fawlette va

Due Date: 3 days after Map is closed (Hence why its 72 hours)

Twelve Episode Playlist:

Twelve Blooper Playlist:

Black Coast-TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix)

Watch it on Youtube
Hope you enjoyed and be sure to share!

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