Daft Punk Voyager Cover

We’ve shared videos from him before, here he is with a cover of Daft Punk’s Voyager. Absolutely amazing.  

The shit really hit the van….

You know these people are all having a really shitty day!

Who doesn’t like one sided fights?

Who doesn’t like one sided fights? Well, maybe the side that didn’t win….. Lets watch some shenanigans shall we?

Great Vine Compilation

Sometimes you just want to watch a bunch of short clips of funny things, so here you go!

What the hell? Shooting your neighbor over cats?!

I’ve seen some things go to far, but this is insanity…..

More Just Desserts

A lot of people liked our earlier post with the bike taser prank, how about an exploding purse?

Instant Karma for Bike Thieves

Someone ever stolen your bike?