Memories passed through DNA

So it turns from recent studies that certain memories can be passed down through DNA. Ever played Assassins Creed?

The Simpsons: The truth is in our face

Yes, the Simpsons have a secret and it’s time we realized it was right in our face, so to speak. The Simpsons know the future.

Tracy Morgan At The Emmy’s

Tracy received a standing ovation from his hollywood peers.  

Pot Can Save the Country!

I’m sure you’ve heard the amazing health benefits that can come from marijuana, but I bet you didn’t know it could save our country and economy too!

Facebook is going Virtual!

Facebook recently announced that it’s working on an immersive 360 degree video app……….

Happy ending to suicide attempt

Off duty police officer saves man from suicide. 

Can your heart rate predict criminal tendencies?

A new study associates low resting heart rate with increased tendency toward violent crimes.