I’ve heard of shitty jobs but this one is the best!

You’ve heard of complaining about a shitty job, but this is probably the best shitty job ever!

Best Road Trip Ever

It’s finally happened, a scientist has calculated the best US road trip which would only take you 224 hours to drive.

Space Privateer – One step closer to space pirates

Moon Express, a contestant in Google’s Lunar X contest, has gotten the go ahead from the FAA and NASA. This will be the first privately owned craft leaving earths orbit!

DNA for data storage

This is just amazing, who’d have thought so much data could be stored in such a small space……

Interesting news for Pro-Legalization of Marijuana

Are you one of the majority of our population that thinks marijuana should be legalized? Well here’s some interesting news you might be happy to hear!

Getting rid of Plastic

Plastic waste is a huge problem for our planet, here’s an awesome solution.

A Possible Cure for Alzheimers

I was shocked when I found this, after never once hearing about it on the news. There’s a new possible cure for Alzheimer’s (I guess if Trump had mentioned it we’d have heard). Looks like […]