Best Road Trip Ever

It’s finally happened, a scientist has calculated the best US road trip which would only take you 224 hours to drive.

Scientist Randal Olsen has calculated the perfect road trip, visiting all 48 contiguous states and visiting tons of landmarks and national parks. The drive itself would only take you 224 hours, but I’d say pack up an RV and plan for a few months off to give you plenty of time to enjoy the sights.

He plotted this using a genetic algorithm. A genetic algorithm starts by creating a solution then altering that solution over and over until it can no longer better solutions. Unlike other algorithms that attempt to look at every possible solution and then extrapolates, a genetic algorithm works like evolution or human trial and error. Here’s a graphic he made to represent the process.


Be sure to check out his site to learn more about the process of creating the trip, and more importantly seeing all the landmarks and features of the trip itself. Don’t forget to like and share, and be sure to check us out on Facebook!


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