A Possible Cure for Alzheimers

I was shocked when I found this, after never once hearing about it on the news. There’s a new possible cure for Alzheimer’s (I guess if Trump had mentioned it we’d have heard). Looks like Crazy Daily Content needs to pick up some of the media’s slack.

Researchers in AU have created a treatment for Alzheimer’s ┬áDisease that so far completely restores memory function in 75% of mice tested on. It’s a non-invasive ultrasound procedure that uses ultrasonic waves at high oscillations to break up build up of amyloid plaque (one of two main factors of memory loss and loss of cognitive function).

The mice tested on, three quarters of the mice showed full memory restoration without any damage to surrounding brain tissue. Tested on three memory tasks; navigating a maze, recognizing new objects, and remembering places they should avoid. The team plans on starting studies with higher brained animals, and hopefully starting human trials by 2017.

I know this brings a lot of hope to a lot of people. I’m sure we’ve all lost loved ones to this disease, and it’s devastating watching the person you know and love slowly wither away. Although I wish it had been available just a few years ago, my hope is that this will finally bring an end to what must be a nightmarish fate. With luck, it’s a disease my children will never have to know.

For more info check out this article

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